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Discover the Most Popular Cat Breeds: A Comprehensive Guide to Feline Varieties

Discover the Most Popular Cat Breeds: A Comprehensive Guide to Feline Varieties

First of all, there are many breeds of modern domestic cats, and there are 46 breeds of cats certified by CFA. CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) was founded in the United States in 1906. It is open to the world and claims to be the cat registration agency with the largest number of registered cats.
Abyssinian Cat Natural SH
American Bobtail Mutation SH LH
American Curl Mutation SH LH
American Shorthair Cat American Shorthair
American Wirehair Cat American Wirehair
balinese cat balinese
Bengal cat Hybird SH
Birman Cat Crossbreed LH
Bombay Cat Crossbreed SH
British Shorthair Cat Natural SH
Burmese Cat Natural SH
Pomera Cat Crossbreed SH
Chartreuse Cat Natural SH
Point color shorthair cat Crossbreed SH
Cornish Rex Mutation Rex
Devon Imperial Cat Mutation Rex
Egyptian Cat Natural SH
European Burmese cat SH
Exotic Cat Crossbreed SH LH
Havana brown cat Crossbreed SH
Japanese Bobtail Cat Natural Mutation SH LH
Javanese Cat Crossbreed LH
Kratt Cat Natural SH
Labrador Rex Mutation Rex
Maine Coon Cat Natural LH
Isle of Man Cat Natural Mutation SH LH
Norwegian Forest Cat Natural LH
Crossbreed SH
Oriental Cat Crossbreed SH Semi-long
Persian Cat Natural LH
Ragged Cat Crossbreed LH
Ragdoll Mutation (Character) Crossbreed LH
Russian Blue Cat Natural SH
Scottish fold cat Mutation SH LH
Selkirk Rex Mutation Crossbreed Rex
Siamese Cat Natural Mutation SH
Siberian Cat Natural Semi-long
Singapore Cat Crossbreed SH
Somali Cat Mutation LH
Sphynx Cat Mutation Hairless
Tonkinese Cat Crossbreed SH
Turkish Angora Cat Natural Semi-long
Turkish Van Cat Natural Semi-long
Thai Royal Cat Natural SH
Wolfcat Mutation Partially Hairless
Pocket Cat Crossbreed SH
TICA International Cat Lovers Association is headquartered in the United States. It is the world's largest organization with genetic registration of purebred cats and the world's largest registered home pet agency.
TICA certified cats
(1) Abyssinian cat
(2) American docked cat
(3) American shorthair docked cat
(4) American Curl Cat
(5) American long-haired curly cat
(6) American shorthair cat
(7) American wirehair cat
(8) Australian Mist Cat
(9) Balinese cat
(10) Bengal cat
(11) Bengal long-haired cat
(12) Birman cat
(13) Bombay Cat
(14) British Longhair Cat
(15) British Shorthair Cat
(16) Burmese cat
(17) Pomera Cat
(18) Pomera long-haired cat
(19) Chartreuse cat
(20) African lion cat
(21) Cornish Rex Cat
(22)Welsh Cat
(23) German Imperial Cat
(24) Donskoy Cat
(25) Egyptian Cat
(26) Exotic cats
(27) Havana Brown Cat
(28) Himalayan cat
(29) Japanese Bobtail Cat
(30) Japanese long-haired short-tail cat
(31) Thai royal cat
(32) Korat cat
(33) Kurian Bobtail Cat
(34) Kurian long-haired short-tail cat
(35) Labrador cat
(36) Labrador Shorthair Curl Cat
(37) Wolf cat
(38) Maine Coon cat
(39) Polydactyl Maine Coon Cat
(40) Isle of Man cat
(41) Minut (little dance steps) cat
(42) Minut long-haired cat
(43) Munchkin cat
(44) Munchkin long-haired cat
(45) Nevada Cat
(46) Norwegian Forest Cat
(47)Ocean cat
(48) Oriental long-haired cat
(49) Oriental Shorthair Cat
(50)Persian cat
(51) Peter Bald Cat
(52) North American Shorthair Cat
(53) North American long-haired cat
(54)ragdoll cat
(55)Russian Blue Cat
(56) Savannah Cat
(57) Scottish fold cat
(58) Scottish long-haired fold cat
(59) Scottish prick-eared cat
(60) Scottish long-haired prick-eared cat
(61) Selkirk Rex Cat
(62) Selkirk long-haired curly cat
(63) Siamese cat
(64) Siberian cat
(65) Singapore Cat
(66) Snowshoe Cat
(67) Somali Cat
(68) Sphynx Cat
(69) Thai cat
(70) Tonkinese cat
(71) Toy tiger cat
(72) Turkish Angora Cat
(73) Turkish Van Cat
Advanced New Breeds
It is an inspection period breed that is about to become an official breed. There are no annual points or titles, and there are strict rules for winning a single competition championship. There are currently 3 types.
(1) Scottish Highland Cat
(2) Scottish Shorthair Highland Cat
(3) Serengeti Cat
Preliminary New Breeds
For varieties that have just entered the inspection period, the competition rules are the same as those of the previous group. There are currently 3 types.
(1) Aphrodite Cat
(2)Tennessee curly cat
(3)Pocket cat
For other breeds of cats that are not available in CFA or TICA, you are welcome to add them in the comment area.
civet cat
Chinese lion cat
Next up are wild cats
38 kinds
Feline subfamily
Cheetah, 3 subspecies
Cat genus,
Sand dune cat, 6 subspecies
Black-footed cat, 2 subspecies
Jungle cat, 9 subspecies
Desert cat, 3 subspecies
Wild cats, 27 subspecies
Rabbit genus,
Rabbit cat, 3 subspecies
Fishing cat, 2 subspecies
flat-headed ocelot
Rusty-spotted ocelot, 2 subspecies
Ocelot, 11 subspecies
Serval genus,
Serval cat, 19 subspecies
golden cat genus,
Golden cat, 3 subspecies
borneo golden cat
American golden cat genus,
Cougar, 6 subspecies
Slim-waisted cat genus,
Slender-waisted cat, 8 subspecies
Tiger cat genus,
Tiger cat, 10 subspecies
South American tabby cat
South American Savannah cat, 8 subspecies
Joe's cat, 5 subspecies
Small tab
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