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7 Essential Tips for Raising a British Blue Cat: A Beginner's Guide

7 Essential Tips for Raising a British Blue Cat: A Beginner's Guide

Blue cats are very cute and are kept by many people. But when raising blue cats, there are many things you need to pay attention to. I advise you not to commit the following 7 taboos, because they are not good for the health of blue cats. I hope you are not doing them!

Taboo 1. Feed it very fat
Maybe many pet owners think that fat blue cats are cute, so they feed blue cats without restraint and make them fat. But in fact, being too obese for a blue cat will put a great burden on its body and lead to various diseases, which will also have a certain impact on its lifespan.
Therefore, if you want your blue cat to stay with you healthily and for a long time, you must control its weight.

Taboo 2. Do not take it with you for vaccination
Some pet owners think that blue cats do not need to be vaccinated if they are kept at home for a long time. This idea is completely wrong. Blue cats that are not vaccinated are very likely to suffer from feline bronchitis, feline distemper, feline abdominal distemper and other diseases, which can really harm it.
Therefore, I advise you to take your blue cat for relevant vaccinations on time.

Taboo 3. Feed it food that is not easy to digest
Blue cats, like other cats, have a weak intestines and stomach, so be sure not to feed them food that is not easy to digest, such as egg whites, etc. This can easily cause diarrhea in blue cats and is not good for their health.

Taboo 4. Give it a bath every now and then.
The skin structure of blue cats is different from that of humans, and they do not need frequent bathing. If you give it a bath every now and then, it will only destroy its skin oils, causing itching, increased dandruff, and various skin diseases.
It is recommended to bathe blue cats once every 3-6 months.

Taboo 5. Let it eat raw meat, but do not deworm it
Blue cats are carnivores and especially like to eat meat. Their demand for protein is also relatively high, so many pet owners often feed blue cats raw meat.
If you often feed raw meat to a blue cat, you must deworm it, otherwise the blue cat will be easily infected with parasites, which will cause hair loss, diarrhea, anemia, weight loss, etc., which will be very harmful to its body. big.

Taboo 6. Disturbing its sleep
Blue cats sleep longer. Quality sleep not only allows blue cats to rest their bodies, but also nourishes their brains. This is an important means for blue cats to “keep in good health”.
Therefore, when the blue cat is sleeping, do not wake it up just to play with it. This is not conducive to the healthy growth of the blue cat.

Taboo 7. Feed it low-protein cat food
As mentioned just now, blue cats have a relatively high demand for protein, so you must pay attention to their daily diet and never feed them low-protein cat food, otherwise they will suffer from malnutrition.
Therefore, when choosing cat food for blue cats, you must look at the formula. The protein content must be greater than 38%.
How to choose a good cat food will not be discussed today. You can refer to the card below:
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